TextNow 4.0 App Review/Tutorial!

TextNow 4.0 is an excellent application for unlimited texting to any device which allows text messaging! In the video I show what is is and how to use it. Available in the app store for 99 cents. Please subscribe to be updated on brand new videos. Websites: iPhoneXpert.com http Twitter.com

25 thoughts on “TextNow 4.0 App Review/Tutorial!

  1. Shadower6

    I like how this app is. But I have some question.

    1) when I send a friend a text they always get it late and mostly they are blank messages.
    2)how come when I get a text I don’t get notified or alerted with an audible sound.

    I’m using an iPhone 4

  2. xHahnsquadx

    I have a problem. When I go into the app, it says something about text now needs a Internet connection but I have Internet in my house? Sometimes it let’s me text but sometimes it pulls that shit and it won’t let me text nobody because of that. Let me know if thats a problem u can fix. Thanks

  3. Thohon

    Hey guys if you have questions about text now send a text to 9785153663 and i will answer your questions

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